16 August Tuesday

Govt Stands By Emotions of Mofia’s Family : P Rajeev

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Friday Nov 26, 2021

Kochi : The government’s approach is to have police  change police into  a people-friendly force, said Industries Minister P Rajeev. There will be strict action against personnel who  act against  this effort.  The government is on side with emotions of the bereaved family. It will take measures to prevent a repeat of such incidents,  the minister told reporters.

Following Mofia’s suicide from domestic violence, I visited her house Friday morning and spoke with her parents. There, Mofia’s father and I conversed with the Chief Minister on phone. CM assured fair and effective investigations into the case and took preliminary action against accused CI. CM assured more stringent action  once the report was received. . Mofia’s mother said it would be a solace if a decision came by before noon.

Eventually the CI was sent into suspension. Investigations are progressing robust. Much of the police force are well-behaved personnel. All the same there are a few who are not so.  The Home Department will take steps to eradicate that problem, said P Rajeev.