06 October Thursday

Govt Challenges Bail Granted To Civic Chandran

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Aug 19, 2022

Kochi : Seeking to prevent abuse of  law and  getting away with molestation, the state government approached High Court for canceling bail the Kozhikode Sessions Court granted to Civic Chandran in tthe sexual assault cases filed against him.

In the first case, Civic Chandran was allowed bail over court observation that Scheduled Caste(Prevention of Atrocities) Act would not apply in his case. That logic is flawed and not in line with law, the govt pointed out it its plea. The victim too approached the High Court seeking to overturn relief granted to the accused.

In the second case, the lower court spelt a shocking observation - of the victim’s dress being provocative -  as reason to play down the culprit’s guilt.

Backdrop : Both victims are woman writers who lodged  complaints against Civic Chandran for molesting them in separate incidents.