07 July Thursday

Governor Signs Lokayukta Ordinance; Amendment Comes Into Force

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Feb 7, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Kerala  Governor, Arif Mohammed Khan, endorsed Lokayukta  ordinance, signing the document Monday morning. With this, the amendment incorporated in the ordinance takes immediate effect.   On returning from overseas trip, the Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, had met with Governor last evening – a meeting that largely explained merits and necessity of the amendment.

Lokayukta law was amended after its section 14 contradicted  constitutional provisions,  CM stated during the talks, adding that, the Attorney General was consulted for in this regard.

Law Minister P Rajeev clarified early on how the State held prerogative for amending Lokayukta Act. The argument that Lokayukta amendment mandates approval from the President has not legal basis.  The Parliament passed Lokpal Bill in the year 2013. Part 3 of that Bill required all states to pass Lokayukta Act.

The original Lokpal Bill contained a model draft  for all states to pattern after. However, that aspect came under intense discussions  in the Lok Sabha following which it was modified.  The modification stated that the model Lokayukta draft recommended in the Bill may  be followed by  states only if they found it satisfactory. The modification allowing state freedom to adopt or reject the model came following the Select Committee recommendation that forcing states to enact the model draft would amount to infringement of State powers, Minister Rajeev had said in response to media query earlier.