29 March Wednesday

Governor Should Read Preface To The Constitution; Grant Refuge To Returnees From Pakistan, It Says : P Rajeev

Web Desk‌Updated: Saturday Jan 18, 2020

KANNUR : Inauguratinf a  Protect The Constitution rally at Municipal Corporation ground in Mattanoor, CPI(M) State Secretariat Member P Rajeev hit out at Governor Arif Muhammed for justifying CAA.

The governor who claims there’s nothing wrong with the Citizenship Amendment Act, should essentially read preface to the country’s constitution,  he  said. The Governor argues the new law  is not against Constitution. He speaks like being totally unaware of India gaining independence, becoming a Republic and adopting a Constitution ; Like he is just out of sleep from 1947,  Rajeev said.

The new amendment violates fundamental rights upheld by the Constitution. V Muralidharan who boasts that a Bill passed in parliament eventually becomes law of the land, should take time to read Article 14.  It is from  the Amendment being a gross violation of fundamental rights  that, CM Pinarayi Vijayan repeatedly says the law in unconstitutional.

Another of Governor’s argument claims that Modi Govt is in the process of realizing Mahatma Gandhiji’s dreams for India.

Incidentally, Gandhiji had emphasised that refuge be granted to all who might return from Pakistan, Rajeev pointed out. Gandhiji  did not differentiate between Hindus and Muslims for such acceptance. Whereas Modi’s law implies  that only refugees outside the Muslim community can be conferred citizenship here. The governor should be able to understand the contrast, said Rajeev. RSS agenda to oust Muslims from the country is the crux of this law, he added.