28 March Tuesday

Policy Announcement : Governor Praises Kerala’s Development Activities, Financial Sector, Social Empowerment

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Monday Jan 23, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram :   Governor Arif Mohammad Khan  has begun the  Policy Announcement speech at the 8th  Session of Kerala’s 15th Legislative Assembly. In his Speech, the Governor lauded the  developmental feats accomplished by the State and noted that public participation in these efforts is commendable.  The Governor also said the State’s innings in the financial sector are praiseworthy.

What’s emerging is Digital Kerala., the Governor said, adding that, Kerala is role model in social empowerment.

The Governor was greeted at the  threshold of the Assembly by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Speaker AM Shamseer and Minister K Radhakrishnan at 9 am. On parallel, the Opposition raised protest slogans holding up placards. The Governor got past the protest and proceeded to delivering the Policy Announcement Speech.

There is greater trust  of the Health Sector now. Maternal and infant mortality rates have dropped. A special package has been implemented for Adivasi tribes. The LIFE Mission has been  successful  in providing houses to the homeless. Rehabilitation has been ensured for fisher folks through the Punergeham package. Kerala rates top among states for its care of the aged.

Kerala has become poverty-free state and has achieved growth even amid crises., the Governor said. The growth figures at 17 percent. With goal for sustainable development, the govt policy is one that addresses weak sections of the society. As per NITI Asyog figures, Kerala is lead State in terms of housing  goal  for all.

A special scheme was ensured to provide employment opportunities to the SC/ST category. Kerala ranks third in the country in ensuring employment. Ardraam Mission has made progress in the field of administering basic treatment. There will be special consideration given to the plantation sector in 2023, said Governor in his In the policy announcement speech,