27 January Friday

Governor Armed With Sangh Parivar Agenda : LDF To Convene Wide Protest : MV Govindan

Web Desk(TvmUpdated: Sunday Oct 23, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Governor’s moves are motivated by Sangh Parivar agenda, said CPI(M) State Secretary MV Govindan. The Governor is abusing his official position. LDF will  convene  protests opposing this. A massive protest rally will be held in front of Raj Bhavan and at district centres on the 15th of November. Senior leaders including the Chief Minister will participate at  Raj Bhavan protest, said MV Govindan speaking with the media.

The governor is destroying the autonomous nature of universities. The Vice Chancellors come under frequent intimidation of the Governor.  The moves are all  are aimed to wriggle in RSS persons. LDF will resist such plans that will eventually  destroy higher education sector, said MV Govindan.

The LDF implemented revolutionary projects in the field of higher education. The Calicut University captured national attention scoring “A Plus”  in national Assessment and Accreditation Coucil(NAAC) grading. Kaladi University had achieved that feat  earlier. It is not possible to come to power through democratic means, hence the far-fetched moves to gain control through Chancellor posts, said MV Govindan.

The Governor makes headway declaring his RSS leaning. His interventions in university matters are authoritarian in nature. The Senate members were withdrawn to install RSS replacements. The Governor’s plan is to place control of higher education into a few hands. There should arise collective public protest in this regard, said MV Govindan.

A massive  convention,  that includes all like-minded members of public, shall be held on 2 Nov. District level programs shall be conducted before 10th. Protests shall also be convened at colleges on the 12th , said MV Govindan.