31 January Tuesday

Governor Bursts With Rage, Kerala Bursts Out Laughing

Special CorrespondentUpdated: Tuesday Sep 20, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : The much drummed about press conference the Governor called to reveal explosives crucial evidences against the Chief Minister and government, turned up to be, if anything,  mundane political speech. There were visuals circulated, but when it became clear they were stale clips watched over years and lacking anything catchy, the Governor switched to melodrama, tickling wide laughter among public that viewed it on their screens.

News reports from Raj Bhavan last week said the Governor would flaunt sensitive evidences  in the press conference comprising : “Proof of irregularity in VC appointment at Kannur University”, “ Video on assassination attempt during Charitra Congress in Kannur” and  “CM’s letters suggestive of nepotism”,

The Governor too had come up on media he would flash critical evidences in Thiruvananthapuram. In the end, none of these happened and the only thing the assembled reporters were treated to was political dialogues in appeasement of RSS.

Rants Galore : EP Jayarajan was imposed with flight ban owing to misdemeanor on his part in the plane, said Governor at  conference, tactfully missing out that the   Youth Congress workers attacked the Chief Minister in the incident. The Governor also brought up KT Jaleel’s Facebook post. Also dragged into the conference was, the incident where CM asked uninvited reporters to leave. The Governor also said the roads of Kerala were unfit for  travel.

The Governor also made remarks clarifying  that protest against anti-CAA amendment was the reason why he turned hostile toward the government, Left parties and CPI(M).

In short, though heralded to be sensational and explosive, the lackluster conference ended up being stale rants that RSS-BJP leaders whip up off and on for years now.