15 August Monday

Body Mistakenly Cremated On Koilandy Beach Identified As Abducted Youth Irshad

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Aug 5, 2022

Kozhikode : In a strange twist, the body found on Koilandy beach and mistakenly cremated as another missing person, has been positively identified as that of 26-year-old Irshad, - the Panthirikkara native abducted by gold racketeers  allegedly for failing to handover  the contraband he was jobbed to deliver.

The ID had been made from DNA samples collected from the body found on Thikodi Kotikal beach  where, a family from Mepur Kunnam Vellikav mistook Irshad’s body as their own son Deepak who went missing on 6 June and performed cremation.

Backdrop : Irshad had arrived from Dubai on 13th May and left for Kozhikode on the 23rd, telling his family it was a business trip. Later, they were informed by members of a gold smuggling gang that Irshad was taken hostage for failing to deliver illicit gold he had carried for them from Dubai.

Irshad’s family sought help of police who began to look into recent deaths in the region. Samples were collected from cremation site on Koilandi beach  leading to positive identification of Irshad.