03 August Monday

Dubious : Janam TV Chief Anil Nambiar Called Swapna On Eventful Day To Inquire Baggage Status

Web DeskUpdated: Wednesday Jul 15, 2020


KOCHI : A queer revelation by Janam TV Chief Anil Nambiar strengthens suspicions around BJP leader for their involvement in the sensational gold smuggling intercepted by Customs on July 5 - an allegation that arose early on in the case.  

Anil Nambiar  in his FB post wrote “On 5th of July I happened to call Swapna at noon from my mobile phone. I did this after news broke that  30 kilo gold had come by diplomatic channel.”. 

Why Swapna ? - is one of the most asked questions among his commenters. There were others more forthcoming. "What  prompted you to make such a call  if she were not previously acquainted ?", they asked.