30 November Wednesday

Girls Trapped, Held In Captivity By Job Agency Promising Attractive Jobs In Dubai

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Sep 16, 2022

Dubai : A Thiruvananthapuram Peyad native was rescued from captivity in Dubai by “ORMA” workers. The  woman is one among several victims falling prey to an agency  operating back home that lure young girls with jobs in good brands of event management companies in Dubai.

Upon her  arrival in Dubai, the victim was asked to work at a bar hotel instead of the event management job she was initially promised. When she refused, they locked her up  in a room and there she remained  until she managed to get in touch with ORMA workers.

ORMA PR Committee got in touch with NORKA and together with help from Dubai police later rescued the girl from captivity. Kerala Lok Sabha members from ORMA helped the girl fly back home.

Members of ORMA and Kerala Lok Sabbha urged potential aspirants to seek overseas jobs only through recognised agencies.