02 October Monday

2-Dose Vaccination In State 75 Percent ;Total Vaccine Recipients Over 2 Crore

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Tuesday Dec 21, 2021

: 78 percent of the state population have received 2 shots of Covid vaccine, said health Minister Veena George. 97.38 percent  eligible residents(2,60,09,703) have been injected with one dose of the vaccine and 75 percent (2,00,32,229) have received both their shots. The tally for total vaccines administered so far is 4,60,41,932 shots. The figures for state are far above the national average that stands at 88.33 percent for 1st dose and 58.98 for the second.

With Omicron arrival in the state, members of public must all exert caution. Masks must be worn properly ensuring the mouth and nose are well covered. Social distancing should be observed and one must wash hands more frequently using soap or sanitiser. Above all, one should get vaccinated.  With Omicron here, the state government is conducting special vaccination drive. There are around 10 lakh vaccine doses in stock presently.

Wayanad tops the district charts having vaccinated 85 percent of its residents and attaining total-vaccination status. Pathanamthitta, idukki, Ernakulam, Wayanad, and Kannur have inoculated cent percent of its people with 1st dose of the vaccine. Malappuram has 99 percent of its eligible population on 1st dose of vaccine,  Kottayam has covered  98 percent of its people with 1st shot and Kozhikode 97 percent.  Pathanamthitta leads closely behind Wayanad  for total vaccination with 83 percent of its people injected with two shots.