03 December Friday
Ayuda Pooja was being performed under aegis of the college security staff

Four Injured As BJP Workers Attack SFI Members In Kollam

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Friday Oct 15, 2021

Kollam : RSS-BJP workers attack SFI members at SHM Engineering College in Kollam’s Kadakkal. The RSS-BJP gang targeted SFI District Joint Secretary Amal, Area Secretary Sahal, Area President Karthik and Area Committee member Sahar as they arrived  at the campus in connection with opening classes for technical education  institutions. Sahal, Amal and other other  were critically injured iand are hospitalised at  Thiruvananthapuram Medical College.

When SFI members entered the campus, there was Ayudha Pooja ritual ongoing  under the aegis of the college security staff,  Sajilal.  As SFI members asked Sajilal what was going on, there arrived  2 vehicles carrying RSS-BJP gang comprising  Vipin, Vinod, Rathirajan, Ajith, Sharon, Saji aka Binu aka Kuyil. They attacked the SFI members  causing grevious injuries and while the gang tried flee the scene,  their vehicles lost control and flipped outside the gate. Two from the gang managed to escape   and a large team of policemen that reached the spot, scoured the campus to find them.