25 March Saturday

Forcing Shops To Close Resembles RSS’s Thug Politics ; Secular Challenge Need of the Hour : Mohammad Riaz

Web Desk‌Updated: Sunday Feb 23, 2020

KOCHI : DYFI All-India President Mohammad Riaz hit out at those forcing shops to close in the name of  anti-CAA protest. Those who engage in this kind of menace, knowingly or unknowingly promote RSS style politics of intimidating the public., he said.


Certain elements that creep into united demonstrations and raise unsettling slogans, could make earnest protests vulnerable to RSS’s divisive politics, warned Riaz.


It is a relief that majority god believers and religious organisations rejected ideologies offered by extremists, that are designed to fracture unity among  protestors.  One should also be cautious of elements who force shopkeepers belonging to a certain community to shut down while allowing  those of the other community to stay open. This is strategy aimed to nurture communal hatred, Riaz said. The need of the hour is create a secular alternative as opposed to religiously divisive force, he added.