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Favourable stance Toward Projects; Meeting With Prime Minster Lends Hope: CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Mar 24, 2022

New Delhi : Meeting with the Prime Minister will likely bring in Central approval for SilverLine at an early time, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan at a press conference in Delhi after meeting up with PM Thursday morning. There was  an informal meeting held with the Minster for Railways, said CM, adding that the Prime Minister appeared  favourable toward the project.

Kerala is facing quite some traffic blues. Everybody agrees  we need speedy and safe mode of transport. Amongst those protesting over this in Kerala, one leader underscored that State needs high speed transport system.

Compared to modern facilities, transport system in our state is far inadequate.  Thick traffic density, sharp curves, extreme steeps and  slopes typical of our terrain has its implications for road safety. Eco - friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable mode of transport is important  for the future, said CM.

Time lost in travel is a crucial factor. Road transportation in Kerala lags by 40 percent in terms of speed and rail 30 percent. Eco-friendly and sustainable means of transport is an absolute essential.

There was wide  belief that the  National Highway expansion will not happen. However, that has materialised, Roughly 92 percent land required for NH 66 has been acquired. 45 meter-wide National Highway will soon become reality, said CM.