04 October Tuesday

Fatal Rage : Man Hangs Himself After Hacking Wife To Death : Kottarakkara

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday Apr 20, 2022

Kottarakkara : A Kottarakkara native hanged himself to death after killing his 55-year-old wife. The deceased is Remavati, hacked to death by her husband Rajan(64). Remavathi’s sister, Rema,  who tried to prevent the killing too sustained hacks. Rajan had left the place after the incident and was later found hanging inside the ancestral home.

Remavati’s mother had died a few days ago. Rema had arrived there for the rituals like other relatives who gathered there.  Rajan and Rama  were not in good terms  lately, which is why Rajan stayed away from visiting there.  As Remavati and Rema walked outside their home, Rajan ambushed and attacked her fatally.