28 November Monday

Farmers’ Wrath Unnerves BJP; Candidates Face Black Flag Protesst, Boycott During Campaign

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Jan 31, 2022

New Delhi : BJP grapples with farmers’ wrath  in constituencies of  Western Uttar Pradesh where its candidates are forced to leave venues  confronted with  black flag protests  or a  total boycott of the  event. Shaky with growing protests, the  campaign is being conducted amid tight security.

In Sivalkhas constituency, the convoy of BJP candidate Maninder Pal Singh fell prey to farmers’ fury in village of Chur.  Window panes were broken into by stone pelting at the motorcade. A week ago, sitting BJP MLA and candidate from Khatauli constituency of Muzarffarnagar, Vaikram Saini, was chased away by protesters, visuals of which went viral. The reaction came over what is widely held as his callous attitude to farmers’ protests. Saini also faced similar irk at Munavarkalan earlier. Candidate in Vagpath’s Chaprali  , Sahendra Ramala,  faced the brunt of protest while on campaign there. He was unable to enter the area after  black flag wielding protesters blocked his advance.

It is natural for people to react with protest over the anti-farmer Bills passed by Centre, said BKU leader rajesh Tikayat. Those ignoring  farmers  would become faced with similar scenarios. The farmers have decided who they will vote for. Only people willing to sell crops for half-price will want to vote for BJP, Tikayat added.