29 October Friday
Sivadasan was suspended for baking KP Anil Kumars televised criticisms on DCC presidents list

Exodus Unnerves Congress; Withdraws Sivadasan Nair’s Suspension

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Friday Sep 17, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Exits by leaders including party veterans have scared Congress enough to prompt a withdrawal of suspension it early clamped on K Sivadasan.   Sivadasan was suspended for allegedly violating  party discipline. K Sudhakaran explained the retraction saying Sivadasan Nair provided satisfactory response and hence the suspension withdrawal.

Sivadasan  was suspended after he backed criticisms KP Anil Kumar made in a televised press conference in connection with DCC presidents list. Responding to Anil Kumar’s claims, Sivadasan had said “How can Congress be possibly revived, given its sole formula of keeping only people liked by the KPCC President, Opposition Leader and four working committees.” Following the outbursts, Congress initiated disciplinary action against KP Anil Kumar and Sadasivan.