04 October Wednesday
Shameer has cases against him ranging from chain snatching to molestation and attempt to murder

Police Trace Drunk Man Who Pestered Passengers In Train

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday Jan 5, 2022

Kozhikode : The drunken man who pestered passengers aboard Maveli Express recently has been nabbed. In custody is Koothuparambu native, Ponnan Shamir, who incidentally is a man with  extensive police record.

Shameer presently resides in Irinjalakuda. He faced  charges on count  of molestation and attempt to murder earlier. Shameer is also guilty of breaking into temple in  Koothuparambu’s Gokultheruvu and robbing the temple chest.

He is also on the police’s habitual offenders list and was once charged for abducting a girl relative though he was released later after the victim refused to press charges. Shameer was also guilty  in a chain snatching incident. Cases registered against him date to 2001, 2010, 2014 and 2016.

Shameer’s family and relatives identified him from Maveli train visuals on TV. Following the lead, police captured him from Irinjalakuda.

In the latest incident, Shameer boarded Maveli Express Tueday night from Mayyazhi along with a friend. Both were thoroughly drunk and caused hassle to other passengers. Following their complaint, police tried to move him out the compartment. However, Shameer descended to the floor and sat firm refusing to budge. The situation  prompted police to use force. The incident snowballed into controversy alleging that police ill-treated him for traveling without a ticket.