24 September Sunday

Dr. Vandana Das - A Raw Wound Forever; Health Minister Pays Last Homage

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday May 11, 2023

Kottayam : The Health Minister Veena George paid last tributes to Dr. Vandana Das, who fell victim to senseless murder at hands of a patient on violence spree at Kottarakkara Taluk hospital Wednesday morning. The Minister arrived at the 23-year-old doctor’s house of Muttachiria in Kottayam, attempting to condole  her inconsolable parents while getting teary herself.

Hundreds lined-up in endless que to Vandana’s courtyard to catch a last glimpse of the tragic victim as she lay in the casket for public homage. The traffic between Kutupuntharaa and Kaduthuriti was regulated and several units of police deployed,  as part of facilitating movement of  hundreds who poured into the area non-stop since early dawn.

Vandana’s mother lapsed to unconsciousness several times as the young daughter’s body remained laid  the courtyard of the very house she was born to , raised and frisked around. The funeral will take place in the home backyard  in the patch next to where Vandana's  grandmother lies in rest.

The senseless  murder
In pre-dawn hours of Wednesday, police fetched a middle-aged school teacher to Taluk hospital in Kottarakara for dressing up wounds. In the midst of the procedure  in the clinic  room, the accused suddenly got up from the table and went about stabbing people around using  scissors he stealthily picked up from the room..While several ran for cover, Dr. Vandana Das - a intern at the hospital - walked in hearing the commotion and stood frozen with fear at the spot. The accused, Sandeep - a native of Puyalur in Kottarakara - turned his murderous rage on the victim, stabbing her several times and wounding her mortally.

Later, at a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, the young intern succumbed to the five stab wounds she sustained in the neck and to her back.  Blood sample from the assailant Sandeep has been sent to FSL to find if he was under influence of any substance.

Originally, the police had picked on Sandeep following his call for help at Control Room saying he was attacked by unidentified persons. Upon reaching his house, they found him wounded and had brought him to hospital for medical attention. The brutal hospital murder has outraged the medical community with several unions up in protest seeking greater assurance for their lives, as they spend each day attending people with unknown psyche and backgrounds..