04 October Tuesday

Doyen of Ayurveda PK Warrier Passes Away

Web Desk‌Updated: Saturday Jul 10, 2021

Malappuram: Renowned ayurveda physician and managing trustee  of Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala, Padmabhushan Dr. PK Warrier died Saturday noon from age-related ailments. He was 100. PK Warrier played a crucial role in elating ayurveda and Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala  onto global visibility.

Simplicity, courtesy and determination were hallmark of Paniyambili Krishnankutty Warrier - PK Warrier. The country honored him with Padmasree in 1999 and Padmabhushan(2010). Warrier has served as managing trustee of Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala for more than 6 decades. A mystical philanthropist who fathomed depths of Ayurveda, Warrier never viewed treatment as means for business.

PK Warrier was born as youngest of 6 children to KT Sreedharan Nambootiri and Kachi Waryastha in 1921. He joined  independence movement and later became a communist party worker. Warrier joined Kottakkal College of Ayurveda on advice of EMS, but  later became drawn to Quit India Movement and dropped out of college. Deciding  it was Ayurveda and not politics that was more suited to his individuality and Warrier rejoined Kotakkal college and completed the course. . He then joined Arya Vaidyasala founded by PS Warrier in and became the Trust’s board member in 1945. After untimely death of his older brother, who was the  factory manager, PK Warrier was appointed to the post and later  became the supreme  force behind Kottakkal Arya Vidyasala.

All life PK Warrier held communist ideology close to heart. He narrated  his punctual habits and meticulous life in the autobiographical novel “Smritiparvam”. PK Warrier also published his collection of articles titled “Padmudrakal(Footprints)”.

His wife and poet Madhavikutty Waryastha died in 1997. Children : Dr. Balchandra Warrier, LateVijayan Warrier, Subadra Subadra Ramachandran.