27 June Monday

Don’t Play “BJP State President” in Kerala ; Kodiyeri Slams Governor For Intrusion on Legislative Sovereignty

Web Desk‌Updated: Friday Jan 3, 2020

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : The Governor's conduct continues to undermine the constitutional provisions  of this country, hit out CPI(M) State Secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan on Friday.

The Governor has dubbed a resolution passed by the Legislative Assembly as illegal. Can the Governor point out  illegality on part of the Assembly ? More significantly, which law lets a Governor pitch criticism on Assembly proceedings ? The people of Kerala have the rights to seek answer in both matters, Kodiyeri said.

The Legislative Assembly has passed resolutions on numerous situations in the past. At all such times, we have had a government at the Centre and a governor in the State. However, positioned in Governor’s chair, Arif Muhammad today is putting up an unprecedented breach of conduct, This is cheap politics to be indulging in, one which find no takers in Kerala. RSS men with some sort of sense should advise the Governor, Kodiyeri said.

The CPI(M) veteran continued : It would be nice if the Governor could go through the crucial parts of Supreme Court judgment on  Arunachal Case of 2016.  The ruling, without ambiguity, states that it is not within the governor’s domain to interfere with the functions of the Speaker of House. It further adds that, he is “neither a guide, nor a mentor”  on that aspect. Justices Jagdish Singh Kheyar, Pinaki Chandragosh, NV Raman, Deepak Mishra and Madan B Laukar have emphasised the protocol repeatedly.

With absolute ignorance on provisions of law and  the constitution, the Governor’s game of “State BJP President” has  broken all limits, Kodiyeri said in the capital.