04 June Sunday

Chicken Biryani, The Dominant Agenda at Youth Congress District Conference

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Mar 21, 2023

Palakkad : Chicken biryani was top on agenda for Youth Congress at its district conference in Palakkad.  The district leadership denied members the opportunity to discuss  organisation report and instead directed them for chicken biryani session for  hours.

Normally, after the district secretary presents organisational report, a discussion by members follows extensively. The scenario was different this time.  KPCC Working President T Siddique inaugurated the delegates’ meeting then, the  District Secretary Vishnu presented the organizational report. Then without allowing members to deliberate on its contents, the  secretary moved them over  for  long long break for relishing chicken biryani.

Some members suggested getting back soon and holding of  report discussion. However, leaders turned a deaf year and  appeared to hang around chicken biryani and savour it at snail’s pace.  After an ultra-relaxed meal session, the conference resumed at 4 pm that began with inauguration of concluding session by   KPCC Vice President VT Balram.

Naturally, a small section of members expressed annoyance at the tricky conduct. Palakkad is the only district that Youth Congress omitted discussion, they said, adding that, the omission was purposeful and meant to leave out criticism against district leadership.