05 July Tuesday

Doctor Beaten Up For Taking Pictures Of Food Items Stored In Toilet; 3 Arrested

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday May 16, 2022

Payyannur : A doctor in Payannur was beaten up by restaurant owner and staff after he took pictures of food items including vegetables stored in toilet there. The incident took place Sunday morning 10 am at KC Restaurant located on  KSTP Road.

Dr. Subrai - a Medical Officer at Banthaduk PHC Medical Office -  along with other staff and relatives, 31 altogether, had arrived  at the restaurant for dining.  When he entered the toilet, the doctor noticed packs that appeared to contain grocery and vegetables stacked there. He took pictures of it and made it known. Following this,  the restaurant people assaulted  him.

Pariyaram police  arrested  hotel owner Moideen(28) from Chumattuthangi KC House, sister Sameena(29), hotel security T Dasan(70). All have been charged with non-bailable offence.