02 October Monday

Divisions Deepen : Cong Political Committee Puts Off Meeting; Mullappally Conveys Discontent To Central Leadership

Web Desk‌Updated: Saturday Feb 22, 2020

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : With  divisions within Congress worsening, its Political Committee meeting slated for 8th March has been put off.  According to sources, the  move is an outcome of strong criticisms that arose during the last meeting.


KPCC President Mullapally Ramachandran told party colleagues that unnecessary bickering would diminish the Committee’s stature. Criticisms exchanged at meetings are are being leaked to news media, he said. Incidentally, Mullapally contacted the High Command and conveyed  his discontent on the situation on home ground. There will be no  Committee meetings until further direction from the High Command, Mullapally announced.


Interestingly, much of the heated arguments in the meeting last time had targeted Mullapally himself. Cong heavyweights VD Satheeshan and K Sudhakaran minced no words in their criticism of Mluallapally’s  views.


Since time when the Opposition leader spelt ‘yes’ to joint-protest against CAA, Mullapally has been calling a string of press meets, Satheeshan said. In the 13 months that Mullapally has been President now, not once has he phoned or spoken to me, Satheeshan added.