24 September Sunday

Discontent Looms Large In Raj Bhavan; Principal Secretary Applies For Deputation

Web Desk(TvmUpdated: Saturday Sep 24, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Discontent looms large in Raj Bhavan over frequent interventions  the aides of Governor Arif Mohammed Khan  make in most unprecedented manner. According to reports, numbers are also high, of those frustrated with the Governor’s constant confrontations with governor and turning Raj Bhavan into controversy hub like never witnessed before. Meanwhile, eking a way out of the situation is  Principal Secretary Dr. Devendra Kumar Devdutt, who  has applied for Central deputation.

Much of Rajb Bhavan staff and personnel have been long time workers, to whom,  increased  interventions by recently employed RSS nominees are causing much dissatisfaction, so to say.

IAS cadre Dr.  Devdutt first became Secretary back in  1993 when Justice P Sadasivam was the Governor and since secured elations.

During his term as Governor, Justice Sadasivam, who retired as Chief Justice of India prior, made Raj Bhavan interventions strictly  in line with law. External influences were  kept at bay absolutely.

However, with Arif Mohammed Khan descending as Governor, constant interventions from influence of outside forces are becoming routine phenomenon.

The elaborate facilities, and the free and fair working atmosphere of Raj Bhavan attracts employees to its premises. Those that hit the place, endeavour very  hard to remain posted there. However now,  most, according to reports, are finding it hard to put up  with the gross change to work  atmosphere.