19 May Thursday

Dheeraj Murder : Custody Application To Be Taken Up Tomorrow

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Jan 17, 2022

Aculprits -L) : Nikhil Payli, Jitin Thomas, Tony Thekkikode, Nithin Lukose, Thoring Jojo

Thodupuzha : Bail application for taking into custody  the culprits in  Dheeraj murder has been adjourned to Tuesday. The postponement is owing to court holdiday today.

Culprits, all belonging to  Congress’s KSU and Youth Congress wing, are currently under remand. The custody plea was submitted to District Court in Muttom.

Police has asked for 10-day custody of the accused Nikhil Payli, Jerin Thomas, Tony Thekilkadan, and Jitin Upmakal to unravel events at the murder scent. Also, evidences including the knife used in the murder remains to be recovered.