23 September Saturday

Delhi Riots : CPI(M) To Disburse First Round Funds Today

PR Chandu KiranUpdated: Friday Mar 6, 2020

NEW DELHI : As part of its  relief efforts for victims of Delhi violence, CPI(M) will disburse its first round of funds on Friday. CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury and Politburo member Budh Karat will visit the riot-affected areas today  to give away the amounts.


CPI(M) efforts to ensure compensation and legal aid to victim families, are ongoing. The party formed a  committee - Solidarity Relief and Rehabilitation -in order to coordinate its  relief efforts. The Committee is helmed by former Supreme Court Judge V Gopal Gowde, CPI(M) Politburo member Budh Karat, Centre For Equity Studies Director Harshamdar and Wajahat Habibullah from National Minorities Commission.  Four units work under the committee to provide  legal aid, essential supplies and medical care to the needy.


To ensure adequate compensations, home-to-home surveys are  being carried out to assess extent of damage, the  families may have suffered. Data from these surveys are being recorded meticulously. Teams are also compiling information on sexual assaults the women in these areas were subject to.  Team members would have finished visiting at least 500 homes by this weekend for survey purposes.  Meanwhile, food, clothes and home appliances  are being delivered to those caught up in the riots.



A team led by Politburo member Brinda Karat visited families, whose members were either killed or injured in the riots, assuring them  free legal aid. A team for legal aid, led by advocates, is helping with preparation and registration of FIRs. Also, a team of volunteers are doing rounds of hospitals including GTB, to ensure the injured persons received adequate medical treatment.


Politburo had asked committees across the party to mobilise funds for Delhi riots victims.  It also urged public to support the cause.