23 September Saturday

Delhi Riots : BJP Leader Kapil Mishra Should Be Arrested , Writes Brinda Karat To Amit Shah

Web Desk‌Updated: Wednesday Feb 26, 2020

NEW DELHI : BJP leader Kapil Mishra is responsible for ongoing riots and violence in Delhi, said CPI(M) Politburo member Brinda Karat in her letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah.


Mishra in his ultimatum had warned of observing calm until end of Trump’s India visit, after which mobs would take to streets.


“It is extremely saddening that a police constable and six others met  gruesome deaths at hands of mob in Delhi. We strongly condemn all those might be responsible for the cop and civilian deaths. The Delhi police and other agencies are under your ministry, the reason why we write this letter to you”, Brinda Karat wrote.


The women-led protests against Citizenship Amendment since two months had been peaceful and there were no incidents indicative of impending riots, she wrote.


“ Police and Intelligence agencies should have warned of outside forces attempting to  sabotage peaceful protests and communalise the situation. Lack of such warning might be a an outcome of ignoring Intelligence reports.  BJP leader Kapil Mishra had given call to police for removing anti-CAA protesters from the streets.


Video footages showed mobs hanging around anti-CAA protest venues with batons and stones. The  riotous atmosphere in Delhi appears like Centre's revengue against  people   for its loss at Delhi elections. Given the situation as we have now,  authorities must initiate action against Kapil Mishra. The govt should  make unbiased intervention and restore peace” Brinda karat wrote.


Kapil Mishra came to the forefront seeking removal of anti-CAA protesters from Delhi streets. To do this he organized pro-CAA rallies leading to clashes between the two groups.


“I give an ultimatum of 3-days to Delhi police, before which anti-CAA protesters must be removed from the streets. Beyond that time, we will take matters into out own hands Three days from now, US President Donald Trump will leave for America, ending his India visit.  We shall show restraint until then.  And after that, police need not step in with reconciliatory efforts because,  we shall not be obligated to listen to you.” Kapil Mishra had said.


3 hours prior to Sunday riots, Kapil Mishra had tweeted asking people to organize themselves in order to render befitting reply to Jafrabad. We,  supporters of  CAA shall get together; you are invited, he tweeted adding that “We shall not allow Jafrabad to become another Shaheen Baug.”


Earlir, Kapil Mishra’s remark during Delhi election campaign had kicked up controversy. Protesters must be shot down, he had declared. Following this, a 17-year-old  Uttar Pradesh native had opened fire on protesters. A student protesting CAA sustained bullet wound in the incident.