08 June Thursday

Crisis Acute In State Congress, Tariq Anwar Informs High Command; Sudhakaran In Dock

Special CorrespondentUpdated: Thursday Sep 30, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Situation is dire inside state Congress, said AICC General Secretary in charge of Kerala, Tariq Anwar, who informed the High Command that party restructuring would run into rough waters if internal disputes are not tackled at first.. Given deep divisions within leaders opposing one another, going ahead with revamping could spell more trouble, Tariq said in his report.

Tariq Anwar arrived in state to expedite reorganising of KPCC and DCC but quickly grasped crisis  and relayed it to High Command, who became stuck with  dilemma on learning ground facts. The High Command, already upset over VM Sudheeran’s resignation from AICC and Mullappally’s scathing outbursts,  made clear in no uncertain terms that widespread resent against state leadership is unpalatable. According to sources, the High Command has turned down VM Sudheeran;’s resignation.

Incidentally, Sudheeran  is yet to react to the twist. In their explanation to High Command,  K Sudhakaran and VD Satheesan said that senior state leaders were resistant to new functioning style and causing disruptions for the new leadership. Meanwhile, dubious links with Monish Mavunkal and his antiques scam, has put Sudhakaran in the dock. Sudhakaran openly dismissed Benny Benhan’s demand for probe by central agencies into the fraud.  Veteran Congressmen including, Oomen Chandy pitched for investigations into Sudhakaran’s role in the unfolding scam. If Monson were to divulge details in-depth, the numbers of party leaders up against Sudhakaran could rise further.

Meanwhile : There’s no approval lend for clamping semi-cadre system in the state, Tariq Anwar clarified. The High Command has to examine the proposition further. Problems relating to DCC presidents have not been completely resolved. The KPCC president and Opposition Leader will be instructed to take everyone along, said Tariq Anwar.