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Attempt To Push Back Kerala’s Academic Advancement; Governor Working Out Sangh Parivar Agenda

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Mar 6, 2023

irinjalakuda :The governor is attempting to put  an uncertain environment into the education sector, said CPI(M) State Secretary MV Govindan

In compliance with the High Court order that Chancellors must be appointed from the panel submitted by government, the Malayalam University, submitted a list bearing three names. The Governor however, is  not willing to accept the recommendation. The Governor does not have power to  assume such stand with utter disregard to Court ruling. , said MV Govindan, speaking at the press conference after meeting with  civic leaders  in Iringalakuda during Janakeeya Prathirodha Yatra(People's Resistance Rally).

The Governor acted much the same way in the Technical University appointment issue where, the list provided by government was ignored and Dr. CC Thomas put in office. The Division Bench of High Court later ruled that VC appointment as unlawful.

The Health University VC has been handed temporary charge at Kerala University. There are three prominent universities as as of now that do not have  VCs - a scenario arising out of  Governor’s stubborn stance. The situation will potentially hamper projects being worked by the second Pinarayi Government in the education sector. The Governor is carrying out the Sangh Parivar agenda of pushing back Kerala’s educational advancement. This is unacceptable.

The Bill to remove Governor from Chancellor post was passed in the Assembly. However, the Governor has been so far unwilling to sign or act on it. It is high time that  the Governor takes a  decision on this, said MV Govindan.