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Mobile testing too may be mobilised wherever necessary

Testing To Be Upped 10 Times In Hard-hit Regions; Testing Guideline Revised

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Jun 18, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Guideline for Covid testing  has been revised to base the number of tests required on Test Positivity Rates(TPR) prevalent in any given local self-govt body limits, said Health Minister Veena George. Testing  will be conducted based on weekly average. For areas where TPR exceeds 30, testing will be carried 10 times the number of cases recorded in last three days of the week.  For instance if there are 100 cases recorded in each of the last three days(total 300), testing will climb to 10 times 300 i.e. 3000 per day and will decline with decrease in infection rate.

In areas that report TPR between 20 and 30 percent, testing will be 6 times the total cases recorded in last 3 days of the week and for places recording TPR between 2 and 20 percent that would be 3 times the cases recorded in last 3 weekly days. Antigen and RT-PCR tests will be carried out. For areas with TPR lesser than 2 percent, testing will be limited to 5 times the total infections in last 3 days of the week. RT-PCR tests will conducted with 5 samples pooled in one lot.

The various district surveillance units will assess covid conditions in municipality, corporation, panchayat/ward to set testing targets in their respective regions. The surveillance units  may also instruct health institutions to monitor essential shops, business enterprises, factories etc in their proximity. Also, mobile testing may be mobilised wherever necessary, read the revised guideline.