12 July Sunday

Rise in Covid-19 Infections a Serious Forewarning; Lockdown Relaxations Are Not For Celebrating : CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday May 22, 2020


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : The steep spike in positive cases of coronavirus in the state is a serious forewarning, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Friday. The development indicates need for broader  preventive mearures, the minister added.


There would be more people arriving to the state in days ahead. Our gates will not close on any Keralite heading here.. This government will not  be panicked into helplessness owing to rise in infection rates. Rather, we shall intensify testing, scale up treatment facilities and provide effective healthcare.


Among the arrivals, there could  be people with severe health conditions.  That would mean more hospitalizations that witnessed up to now. To cope up with greater numbers, more ventilators shall be arranged for in coming days.


Lockdown restrictions have been relaxed to carry life forward rather than for celebrating. With public transport services partially opened, people are cramming into crowds at several places. Many are venturing outside of their homes with children and elderly citizens.


Reverse quarantine has been advised for children, the elderly and  those with other illnesses, to prevent exposure to virus. People responsible to stay them indoors should not forget these measures themselves, CM reminded.


All  rules have to be complied with voluntarily. Neglect on this count leads to unnecessary  legal tangles, CM said.