29 January Sunday

Corporate Media Backing Hindutva Agenda; League Takes On Jamaat-e-Islami Stand: CM

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Dec 27, 2021

Tirur/Malappuram :
Tirur/ Malappuram : BJP’s coming of power is witnessing implementation of RSS’s  Hindutva agenda  -  something that also finds support among the corporate media, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan,  inaugurating CPI(M) District Sammelanam(conclave) at Malappuram. The Centre  helps corporates by leaps and bounds,  handing  them tax waivers and writing  off their bank debts. So,  as the Centre goes about destroying the country’s constitutional establishments and the public sector, the media monopolies engage themselves in appeasing Hindutva sentiments. It is not possible to counter   communalism with communalism.  Unlike in its  past before, the Muslim League is changing into a party that fosters communal fanaticism – adopting stance identical to that of Jamaat-e-Islami, said CM.

Congress cannot pose as alternative to RSS’s communal fanaticism or its financial polices. Congress’s stand clarifies  it is not opposed to  Hindutva ideology of the RSS-led BJP government. Rahul Gandhi is now pitching for Hindu government, Hindu State.

The question is, can Congress stand firmly enough to overthrow wreck-sowing BJP? The  have answered that in the negative by their appeasement of Hindutva.

RSS-led BJP’s taking to power  is not like coming to power of just another party.  The is a lot of insecurity experienced by minority communities now. Christian churches and schools are being targeted for attacks. Atrocity against the scheduled caste is on the rise.

This kind of majority communalism cant be dealt by minority communalism. It is time Muslim League  realism  this. Muslim League voice is now  echoes of the  Jamaat-e-Islami. Their rally against Waqf appointments  clarifies that leaning. Earlier during elections , League would covertly and overtly align with communal parties. It has come to a stage now where League has taken up on itself the slogans and perspective of those groups. And,  when the essence of it all is pointed out by peace-wishing parties and individuals, League turns hostile toward them. Majority of League members comprising secular-minded individuals should come out against the party on this count. League is forging alliance with entities that includes outfits like the Popular Front. This is not what our society needs.  All believers of democracy and secularism should unite against communalism.

What does being an alternative mean ? That’s something the public learned from LDF rule from 2016 to 2021.  Under the onslaught of historic floods and pandemic thereafter, public was never in throes of the suffering like   were people in rest of the country. Such policies of the Left government is what’s called alternative

It is right-wing politics to sectorise  people into different  compartments while development calls for unity and  solidarity in society. The LDF government has been able to bring that about such togetherness in the  past 5 years. The government will move forward expanding development thats rooted in basic infrastructural development, said CM.