29 February Saturday

Coronavirus : One Person Under Observation in Kochi

Web Desk‌Updated: Friday Jan 24, 2020

KOCHI : In the wake of Coronavirus spreading across continents, one person in Kochi has been isolated for observation at Kalamaserry Medical College in Kochi. The subject - a male who recently returned from abroad – had shown symptoms of the infection when he first approached a private hospital in Aluva, from where he was directed to the govt medical college. The diagnosis is pending.

Meanwhile in China’s Wuhan, where the virus has spread rapidly, several people including girls comprising Malayali students, remain stranded following lockdown of the country’s many cities and university restrictions. Most of these students have completed their courses and are interning in establishments there. There are at least 56 students from India including 20 from Kerala, who are now caught up in travel restrictions clamped by the Universities there .

The Indian Embassy is holding talks with Chinese authorities to resolve the situation. Meanwhile, a Malayali nurse who was monitored in Saudi tested negative for the virus. She was diagnosed with a virus reported in 2012 in Saudi that bears resemblance to the Coronavirus, authorities said.  The woman is responding well to the treatment and has made considerable progress, they added.