28 November Saturday

Coronavirus : 5772 New Infections; 6719 Recoveries; 4989 Contact Cases; Deaths 25

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Nov 21, 2020

Kerala Tracker => Confirmed Cases 5,50,579; Recoveries 4,88,437,; Under Treatment 66,856 ; Deaths 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : The state recorded  5772 fresh Covid-19 cases today taking the total for confirmed cases so far in the pandemic to 5,50,579. There were 4989 contact infections reported during the day, of which the virus source to 639 cases remains untraced. On other data for the day, there were 25 covid deaths and 6719 recoveries. With this, state death-toll in the pandemic rose to 2022 and recoveries to 4,88,437. A total of  66,856  persons remain under treatment currently.

The new infections today include 91 cases pertaining  to travelers from states outside and  53 health workers. 

New cases: The districtwise breakup for the day’s 5772 new infections is :  Ernakulam 797;  Malappuram 764  710;  Thrissur 4873;  Palakkad 478;  Kollam 646;  Kottayam 423;   Thiruvananthapuram 399;  Alappuzha 383;  Pathanamthitta 216;  Kannur 211;  Idukki 188;  Wayanad 152;  Kasaragod 104.

Contact cases: The split for the day’s 4989 contact cases  across districts figures at  : Ernakulam  609;  Malappuram 733;  Kozhikode 668;  Thrissur 464;  Palakkad 269;  Kollam 458;  Kottayam 419;   Thiruvananthapuram  271;  Alappuzha 375;  Pathanamthitta 165;  Kannur 166;  Idukki 160;  Wayanad 141;  Kasaragod 91.

Recoveries: The districtwise tally for the day’s  6719 recoveries is : Thiruvananthapuram 609; Kollam 681; Pathanamthitta 167; Alappuzha 919; Kottayam 271; Idukki 72; Ernakulam 658; Thrissur 680; Palakkad 590; Malappuram 740; Kozhikode 622; Wayanad 79; Kannur 473;   Kasaragod 158.

Deaths: The identities pertaining to 25 deceased whose covid result were confirmed as positive today are -  Thiruvananthapuram  Vellayani native Sarojini(82);  Thirupuram native Jerad(74);   Karikukam native Nsha(42);   Pallithura native Subramanyan(68);   Kathirapara native Nalini(57);   Kottakkal native Sarijini(65);   Pachaloor natie Shishupalan(61);   Kollam Vadakabhagam native Naseerath(47);   Alappuzha Avalukunnu native Sasidharan Pillai(75);   Viyapuram native John Chandy(65);   Alappuzha native Naseema(66);   Kayamkulam native Thankamma(80);   Muhammad native Satheesan (60);   Kottayam Changansserry native Sadasivan(59);   Kottayam native Biju Mathew (54);   Thrissur Nadathara native MP Antony(80);   Palakkad Pirayiri native Shahul Hameed(58);   Makidi native Balaksrishnan(85);   Punchapadam native Kunjathaman(74);   Malappuram Mancheri ntaive Seyralikutty(63); Kakovnative Basheer(43);   Kozhikode Kurvan Thuruthi native Ahmed Shaji(75);   Narikani native TP Abdullakutty(84);   Villupilly native oyid(65);   West Hill native K Raveendran(72).

Tessting, quarantine, hotspots
58,09,229 samples have been subject to testing in the pandemic so far, - up by 60,210  in the past 24 hours.
A total of 3,18,079  people are under observation currently of whom, 16,330  remain quarantined various hospitals and the remaining 3,01,749  are being monitored in their homes/institutions. 1846 people were newly admitted into hospitals during today for observation purposes. Presently 66,856 people remain under treatment in various hospitals across the state.

There were 6 new hotspots  declared today, while 3 areas were taken off the list. Total hotspots currently in the state : 560.