25 March Saturday

Congress Stirring Attacks Roping In Women and Children : EP Jayarajan

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Tuesday Mar 22, 2022

Kannur :  Public aren’t involved in  anti-K-Rail protests , said EP Jayarajan at a media briefing in Kannur.  Majority  of the public wish for land acquisition  and  development to ensue; the  LDF government will therefore go ahead with the project, EP told reporters.

Congress is stirring up attacks roping in women and children. They aim to generate rioting from the situation. There are very few in fact favouring  their protests. Those that protested against KIIFB are now lining up for its funds for projects, said EP.  This is just how K-Rail will turn out to be. Once it begins, Congressmen will be the first passengers on board,  jested EP.