02 February Thursday

Congress Gets Roasted Over Election Defeat; Mullappally Must Resign, Says Muslim League Too

Vijesh ChoodalUpdated: Sunday Dec 20, 2020

Thiruvananthapuram:  Congress faced fire from all directions within UDF for the massive electoral defeat it suffered in the civic body elections. Muslim League and RSP too joined the demand for  Mullappally Ramachandran’s resignation  as KPCC president.

League leaders spoke their mind on  Mullappally’s ouster to Congress leaders after UDF meeting held Saturday evening. League is mulling to repeat the demand by first writing to Congress High Command for intervention failing which, they plan to meet with Sonia Gandhi directly. There is deep discontent among allies over existing state  of affairs and the front has been duly informed, said RSP leader Shibu Baby John openly to reporters.

At the meeting allies stood their ground :  It was discontent with Congress leadership that led to a full-blown defeat. Congress should first of all take responsibility for the loss. It would not be possible for the front to go ahead under existing conditions. Steps should be taken to regain trust of the minorities, they said.

Refusal to take strong stand against BJP proved to be detrimental.  UDF gains shrunk to  Malabar region alone. Contradictory responses from Congress leaders over  ties with Jamaat-e-Islami triggered damning debates over the alliance, said  PK Kunjalikutty.  The practice of Congress handing seats to allies and then having it contested by rebels, too came under heavy fire.

At the meeting, PJ Joseph’s was the only  faction that did not go on rampage against Congress. Jose K Mani’s departure from UDF has caused no harm, Monce Joseph maintained.

League dominance was all-too evident at the press conference held post the UDF meeting. After opening address by Ramesh Chennithala, it was Kunjalikutty who responded to media with answers. UDF Convener MM Hassan did not utter a word against either Mullappally or Oomen Chandy.  Chennithala’s response  to the scathing criticism was that of  acknowledging  lapses and assuring there would be corrective steps taken.