29 October Friday

It's Congress That Caused UDF Defeat In Kannur and Azhikode : League Report

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Friday Sep 17, 2021

Kannur : A Muslim League evaluation put Congress as cause for UDF’s Assembly election debacle in constituencies of Kannur and Azhikode. In its assessment report on Kannur and Azhikode, the Muslim League stated that Congress leaders including KPCC President K Sudhakaran are responsible for defeat witnessed in the two districts. Without blaming  candidates, the report staunchly criticised UDF system  as a whole and  state-district leaderships of Congress and League for the debacle.

The hesitancy exhibited by leadership in announcing candidate for  Azhikode too contributed to loss there. Election activities were plunged into uncertainty following announcement that KM Shaji was contesting at three places. League General Secretary Abdul Kareem Chellari’s desire for contesting polls too caused hassle. Congress leadership was unable to make interventions  when booth-level activities died out.. Lack of fund influxes in time hit  campaign activities hard. Votes in large numbers drained put  in League strongholds of Pallikunnu and Puzhathi. The dip was huge compared to votes bagged during Lok Sabha elections. The Congress group brawls that broke out in Palikunni could not be quelled despite K Sudhakaran’s interference. The report also referred to Palikunnu bank row as setback during elections.

The detrimental activities on part of Rijil Makutti with his  candidacy ambitions, resulted in lower polling in the Congress’s traditional fortress. Mayor TO Mohan did not show up for campaigning  at all. The report also accused K Sudhakaran for not making interventions to resolve confrontaions  inside Congress.

The report reflects the  huge rift there is in Congress-League bond. Though the report comprises criticisms on scale of harsh accusations, the content was presented in a moderate vein at the meeting,  with due interventions effected by the leadership.