04 October Wednesday

Congress Backs BJP and SDPI in Vembayam Panchayat

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Apr 11, 2023

VEmbayam: In Vembayam panchayat, where UDF remains in power courtesy support from communal parties, the unholy alliance of Congress-BJP-SDPI held well for Standing Committee elections that took place on Monday.

The UDF’s communal appeasement and favours in return, played out at election to various Standing Committees of the panchayat. UDF took the panchayat administration on strength of just 8 out of 21 members.  The remaining to half-way mark came from SDPI and BJP.

Even after two-and-half years  up on coming to party, standing committees were not elected. Congress’s help to see SDPI candidate Vasantakumai elected to Development Committee went out of the way. UDF did not field any candidate for the post. The Panchayat Vice President Jagannathan voted for BJP candidate Ragesh for the Welfare Standing Committee. SDPI and UDF reciprocated by voting in favour of all UDF candidates.

LDF has nine members in the panchayat. LDF candidates to each committee got 9 votes each and managed to win 3 Standing Committees. BJP has three members and SDPI 1. Although SDPI candidate stood to secure just one vote, the Party gained victory with UDF voting in its favour.

Speculation is rife that UDF did not field anyone for the Development Committee gets done public works, to help SDPI take the seat.

Now coming out are stories of corruption inside panchayat, the reins of which were secured by unholy collaborations. So far, the panchayat has failed to deliver any welfare scheme.