22 May Sunday

Congress Attacks Meeting Explaining K-Rail To Public In Kannur

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Jan 20, 2022

Kannur : Congress workers attack Janasamaksham  event convened in Kannur to allay anxieties of public on K-Rail. Attempting to force their way into the meeting hall, the Congress workers manhandled members of public and the police in the melee. Police exercised  rfrain  helping to lull the ruckus. The cops later moved the miscreants by taking them into arrest.

The attack was led by Rijil Makutti, Sudeep James, Karaljith and Manish  Kottali. The government had organised the meeting hoping to explain project details to the public. The program was a large success in other districts. Congress attack began as people started  to lose their misgivings on the project.

Ruckus began outside as Minister MV Govindan addressed concerns of members present in the hall. Some miscreants were heard saying they had come on Sudhakaran’s asking.