04 February Saturday
Findings suggest the attack was planned and with full knowledge of high run Cong. leaders

Congress Accords Rousing Welcome To Assailants Who Attempted To Assassinate CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Jun 25, 2022

Kannur : In Congress’s  rousing reception for crime, its Kannur leadership garlanded the assailants that attempted to assassinate Chief Minster Pinarayi Vijayan, upon their arrival from jail.  Honored by Kannur’s Congress leadership were :  Mattannur block president Farzin Majeed and district secretary R K Naveen Kumar. The pair were initially received by  Youth Congress workers in Poojapura soon as they stepped out of jail following bail from High Court.

The Youth Congress leaders are close supporters of K. Sudhakaran. Farseen Majeed has prior history of criminal cases that includes attacking CPI(M) workers in Edayanoor. A teacher at Mattanoor U P School, his services as a teacher was suspended later.

Youth Congress Kannur District Secretary RK Naveen Kumar lend leadership to several violent incidents in the Mattanoor area.

Planned attack : The attack on CM was carried out with thorough  knowledge of upper circle Congress leaders. Booking tickets in advance could likely raise suspicion, which is why the perpetrators bought tickets at the last moment. Majeed booked tickets for three persons through  a travel agency in Mattanoor. The 4th member bad booked his ticket much before.The agency in Mattanoor  purchased the tickets at high rates from another agency located in Kodungallur. The tickets haven’t been paid for, not  yet. The tickets was passed without payment owing to close connection  Faseen Majeed shared with  the Mattanoor agency.

The probe team is  digging to find out if the travel agency had prior knowledge of the plan. Phone records of the accused are being closely examined for this purpose.  Phone records shall also be scruitinised  of others suspected to be part of the conspiracy after which, they will be summoned for questioning.

The investigations are headed by Crime Branch SP Prajeesh Thottahil.