04 June Sunday

Cong, BJP Do No Want Kerala To Progress An Inch; Will Not Yield To That Kind of Politics: MV Govindan

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Feb 11, 2023

Palakkad : BJP and Congress wish for this government and Kerala to not progress an inch forward, said  CPI(M) State Secretary MV Govindan . The Centre denies Kerala its due funds  purely over  political reasons, said MV Govindan at press conference in Palakkad, adding that, there will be no surrendering to that kind of politics.

Even the common autorickshaw folks resent media over their question on  cess in  Budget. Kerala has  not received owings to the tune of  Rs 40,000  from the Center  for an year now. Kerala should duly receive 3.9 percent. Not a single media  makes any mention of it however.   That figure now has been slashed to 1.9. As funding for 10th allocation plan, Kerala was allotted 3.9 percent, which now  is just 1.9 percent, meaning the state  has lost tens of thousands of crores.

GST compensation of Rs 9000 crore remains unpaid to the state. Grant for  state revenue deficit is  Rs 6716 crores.  Neither re being given. Rs 750 crores  remains unpaid in GST arrears. Borrowing capacity is less than Rs  3500 crores. If the State does not get Rs 40,000 crores, it will become impossible to pay 60 lakh people their Social Welfare pension.  Also several projects cannot be worked. Even Manorama now says Kerala must be paid its money.  All denials are over  political reasons. There is no plan however to yield tosuch politics. Even if the situation is such gross,  the  Left Democratic Front will  push its way foward and strongly, said MV Govindan.