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Clash Erupts Again In BJP, Kasaragod : Footwear Garland Around District Secretary’s Poster

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Jun 13, 2022

Kasaragod : Confrontations  over  State President K Surendran’s leadership rose once again in BJP in Kasaragod.  The protest this time calls for action against  State Secretary K. Sreekanth, former District President Suresh Kumar Shetty and K Manikantan – the persons, the opposing group alleges,  belong to a section protected by Surendran.

 The dissenting group became provoked by Surendran’s comment at a  press conference held at district committee office saying “ There is  no problem whatsoever inside of   district BJP.  Where are those protesting now gone ?.’

Flex boards with pictures of the district president came garlanded with chappals at  Manjeswaram and Hosankadi in Kasaragod. The caption read : “Respects from party workers for attempting to destroy BJP for selfish motives.”

Surendran’s scam phobia
A section comprising leaders and party workers in the district raised protest alleging it was indifference  on part of the party that prompted  BJP-RSS worker to take his own life. Earlier, the District Vice President, P Rameshan, had resigned his post blaming  the party  about  doing nothing in the  cases relating to party workers have been murdered. He also called a press confere3nce demanding  action against leaders.  Party workers picketed the district committee office and locked it effectively saying   that K Surendran is protecting a set of leaders out of fear that corruption involved in central universities might become leaked. .

After warning was issued against any  state leader entering into the district,  leaders  including K Surendran, are keeping away from public events. Incidentally, with threat looming over district entry,  Surendran routinely lodges at Kanjangad instead.