13 July Monday

Covid-19 :No Community Spread Up To Now; Infections Through Contact Very Few : Health Minister

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday May 29, 2020


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : There has been no instance of community spread in the state so far, clarified Health Minister KK Shailaja. But there is no saying it will not happen tomorrow, she  added. Government agencies are on high vigil to prevent community spread from happening. No cluster has been suspected with community spread in any part of the state. Infections through contact are rather very rare, the minister said.


Covid-testing is being scaled up to detect community spread . Also special attention is being  given to places reporting heightened cases of pneumonia.


The Thiruvalla native, Joshi, who died of coronavirus today was under treatment from 18 May. He had returned from Dubai on the 11th.  All possible care and treatments were administered, but Joshi, who was also highly diabetic, eventually succumbed to the illness.


When the first batch of Covid-infected persons arrived here from Italy, the pandemic was not at escalated levels there. All the infected persons responded to the treatment and subsequently recovered. However the scenario is vastly different now. The scale of infections is  now high in overseas countries including the Gulf region. And there is marked rise in number of arrivals into state since 7 May.


There is no anxiety over having more numbers of patients. What is worrisome is that, many , when they arrive, are already  in  serious condition, said the minister. Free treatment to those affected will continue, the minister clarified.