20 January Thursday

CK Janu Bribe Case: BJP Leaders Nervous, Resignations Galore

CorrespondentUpdated: Monday Jun 28, 2021

Above: BJP District General Secretary Prashant Malavayal arrives at Crime Branch Kalpetta office to attend questioning session.

Kalpetta : Hearts are thumping  for BJP leaders in the CK Janu bribery case after Crime Branch questioned the party District Secretary, Prashant Malavayal at thier office in Kalpetta The nervousness began after police found glaring discrepancies in Prashant’s statements, instilling fear among  BJP leaders involved that  the probe might stretch  in  other directions.   The bribe investigation cracked wide open even as Yuva Morcha leaders submitted mass resignations criticizing and challenging the leadership openly. According to sources, police received incriminating details during their 7-hour interview of Prashanth.

The BJP district leadership is at loss to defend against the mass resignations, money embezzlement allegations and shaming  on social media. While the challenge  up to now was facing criticisms from  other parties, the story has changed to  BJP’s own leaders and workers bombarding accusations. Peppered with insults  and allegations from party folks, the leadership is finding it extremely difficult to hold up.

On the social media front, criticisms and verbal abuses  are flooding up  Yuva Morcha and BJP affiliates' official pages, rendering  the district leadership to be unable to come out in public without some sort of towel to cover the face. With bribery case becoming full blown immediately after elections, BJP has been unable to convene its district committee fearing volley of  questions.

When the Organising Secretary M Ganesh arrived the other day, prsent at the  meeting was just 3 or 4 persons from 3 Mandalam Committees and Core Committee. It was this meeting that decided on action against members including Deepu. The meeting dispersed on agreement to gather once again after 29th  after coming to an abrupt halt  when discussions began on the Funds Committee.