02 June Friday

Citizenship Amendment : Path To Holding United Protest Not Closed : CM

Web Desk‌Updated: Wednesday Jan 15, 2020

THRISSUR : Path to put up united fight against CAA has not closed, said  Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. .

The Kerala Legislative Assembly spoke in one voice demanding scrapping  the new law and passing a resolution to the effect. However, a few narrow-minded persons  came up with some objections later. The situation has left Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala in a limbo. Even so, the path to united protest is not shut, said Pinarayi.

The strength of united protests is enormous, he continued. Kerala should stand as one to defeat the ulterior motives of Central govt  and the RSS.

The Centre plans to compile the National Population Register(NPR) and use details therein to  prepare National Register of Citizens(NRC).  For this, they have scheduled  NPR survey to begin in April, lasting up to September. However, the p
eople of Kerala do not have to worry. RSS has a specific agenda via the Citizenship Amendment Act. The law is fundamentally opposed to the country’s constitution and neither of of the aforesaid  surveys shall be carried out here, the minister said.

The nations across world expressed unprecedented dissent over the Modi government adding religious dimension to citizenship. Over 8,000 scholars lend their signatures to a protest petition. Leaders of several countries cancelled their trips to India, following the new law. Inside the country, several establishments like IIT, IIM, IIS and other professional institutions, with no history of protests earlier,  plunged into demonstrations against CAA, said Pinarayi.


The Chief Minister was speaking at the inaugural of Protect Constitution Rally organized by the Constitution Preservation Committee in Thrissur.