25 March Saturday

Citizenship Act : KPCC President’s Remarks Are Crazy : CPI(M)

Web Desk‌Updated: Saturday Jan 11, 2020

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM :  KPCC President’s interpretations of Chief Minister’s take on Citizenship Act, are delusionary, CPI(M) said in its Secretariat statement on Friday.

The Kerala govt and Chief Minister’s involvement equated support for the countrywide protests against Narendra Modi government’s fascist style of functioning. CM always endeavoured to unite everybody for the common cause. The all-party protest at Martyr’s Column in the capital and subsequent meetings were all in this vein.


The Chief Minister made it clear to the Centre that, Kerala will not only keep CAA at bay, but also block NPR in the state. Reinforcing the  commitment , the govt, in a special session,  got the Legislative Assembly to ink a resolution seeking withdrawal of the Citizenship Amendment 2019. Across the country, organisations rooted in anti-imperialist movement and seeking to preserve the nation’s unity, its secularism and constitution,  hailed the bold defiance put up by Kerala.  The Chief Minister also wrote to his counterparts in 13 non-BJP states to take initiate similar resolutions..


However, here is Mullapally Ramachandran who from the very outset, is constantly critical of CM’s efforts, never mind the fact that the same are appreciated by leaders across the political spectrum, including the Congress. At a time when, the whole country is rallying against BJP’s separatist policies and economic fallacies, Mulapally takes recluse in launching attacks against the Chief Minister. His dubbing the CM as “Hindu Extremist” will not find a single taker in Kerala. Mullapally lowers his own stature in resorting to such cheap outbursts, the document read.


KPCC President’s words come as marked betrayal to lakhs of people and thousands of students who took to streets braving BJP-led police atrocities including fatal shootings.


Mullapally should be willing to acknowledge that, several Congress-ruled states haven’t  been yet able to act firm on the issue, as the Left government in Kerala has.  It would do good for him to help persuade these governments to see better. At a time when, the nation should stand united to resist Sangh Parivar ideologies from becoming law of the land,  Mulapally should give up indulging in such cheap gimmicks, the CPI(M) statement concluded.