29 September Friday
Lie manufactured homeward is endorsed by govt at centre for added mileag...

Chennithala’s Lie Machine Charged By K Surendran: Brinda Karat

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Apr 1, 2021

Malappuram:  The “lie machine” at Ramesh Chennithala’s home is charged by BJP state president K Surendran, said CPI(M) Politburo member Brinda Karat speaking at  election rally in Malappuram.

Excerpt from Brinda's Address
Chennithala prays for a new lie each morning. His attempt to block ration and kits too came on  prodding from the ‘machine’ .Though he managed to find favour from the Election Commission, the Kerala High Court dealt him  a resounding blow. Congress’s  national leaders visited Chennithala at his residence to check on the machine and came up with the finding that the device lacked charge. To this, Chennithala told tham it would be charged by K Surendran. The duo break their heads in order to create a lie each time and central govt endorses that lie to give it the extra mileage. However, bereft of an iota of truth, these lies don’t find takers among public at large.

For a sake of a few votes, UDF has entered into unholy alliance with the BJP. UDF sits  transformed like a pot that stores salt. BJP MP Suresh Gopi urges votes for League candidate and in response, the League candidate KNA Khadar proclaims they will help fill the Citizens’ Register. The League is betraying minorities that protest the Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA).

The RSS-BJP virus is larger than corona virus. The virus is a combo of Modi and Amit Shah. Amid the distresses, the Modi  govt is forcing down burden of new law. It hiked  prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas price steeply, Modi inflates his pockets thus by emptying that of the commoner’s.

Congress leaders hesitate to speak against the central govt. UDF MP’s from Kerala say nothing at all in the parliament. They arrive at Lok Sabha with lips tight from fevicol specially made in Kerala, jested Brinda Karat.