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Chennithala Upholds Rape Almost As A Right; Read The Shocking Response To Brutal Rape

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Sep 8, 2020


Thiruvananthapuram : In a shocking response to the brutal rape of a quarantined woman by  Health Inspector, Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala,  at the press meet  asked “Is there a written norm saying  only DYFI men can rape?’  The outrageous words that shocked the waiting media, came in reply to a reporter who queried about the political background of the arrested culprit, who was leader of Congress-led organisation.

The culprit, Pradeep Kumar, has a previous record  that involving indecent advances towards an Anganwadi teacher. Residents in his neighbourhood said, Pradeep shared  close links with leaders of the Congress party and that he was an active member of the Health Inspectors’ Association - a union of the  NGO Association category . Interestingly, Pradeep earlier  headed the bunch of  persons who approached court protesting additional powers allocated to the police to oversee people under quarantine.

Pradeep, a junior health inspector with Kulathupuzha hospital hails from  Mathira Ponguvilla Veedu in Mancode.  He was arrested from his rented house in Bharathanoor  on Monday.  

The gruesome rape
The incident took place last Friday. The woman, who worked as home nurse in Malappuram, had been  quarantined at her relative’s home in Vellarada after she returned to Thiruvananthapuram. Her test for covid later came negative for the virus. In order to resume work at Malappuram, the woman approached the Health Inspector for a Covid-negative Certificate. Pradeep instructed her to  come to house in Bharatanoor  to collect the document. Upon reaching the house, Pradeep overpowered  the woman, gagged  and tied up her hands and legs before raping her repeatedly, the woman said her complaint with police. The complaint also said, Pradeep beat her up brutally during the struggle.

As the crime took place in Pangode station limits, the complaint was eventually transferred to CI office in Pangcode that arrested the culprit and is currently investigating the case.