07 June Wednesday

“Channels Mark Dramatisation Videos To Indicate That”; Chennithala’s Justification of Asianet Video Fuses Out

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Mar 6, 2023

Thiruvanantahpuram : Ramesh Chennithala’ justification of Asianet’s fake news video fuses out.  Chennithala said when a video does not contain true characters, the channels normally mark the videos as dramatized. It was soon pointed out to Chennithala that no such indication was made out in case of the controversial Asianet video.
“Not just in Kerala, but world over, when a molestation or POCSO case gets reported, the identity or face of the victim stays covered.  Moreover, whichever the channel, such videos are marked as dramatization. Did Asianet do that?I am not sure. It is routine all over the world. To dub the video as fake however is not right. It can only be viewed in that light. Will the Chief Minister make interventions considering the intended good?", Chennithala had asked.